31 College Football Games

OK on to the next step. As we talked about yesterday, this proposal to the NCAA allows us to have 32 NCAA Football teams participating in our national championship playoff. Using the current AP Top 25 Poll, you’ll see we have used the top 32 schools for the basis of our discussion moving forward.

Now, our set up / calendar would like like such:

Weekend of (Friday-Sunday)

December 17 First round of 16 games

December 24 Second round of 8 games

December 31 OFF

January 7 Third round of 4 games

January 14 Semi-finals

January 21 National title game

Now this may look like the season is really getting extended, but the fact of the matter is – most schools are out for 4-5 weeks on break during this time and as the weeks go by, less teams are staying involved – which limits the effect it has on the classroom.

So let’s breakdown the first round of games

1 Oregon vs 32 East Carolina @ New Mexico Bowl

2 Boise St. vs 31 San Diego State @ Maaco Bowl

3 Auburn vs 30 West Virginia @ New Orleans Bowl

4 TCU vs 29 Syracuse (nice comeback for this program) @ St Petersburg Bowl

5 Michigan State vs 28 Michigan @ Champs Sports Bowl

6 Alabama vs 27 Hawaii @ Insight Bowl

7 Missouri vs 26 Nevada @Armed Forces Bowl

8 Utah vs 25 Baylor @ Alamo Bowl

9 Wisconsin vs 24 USC (I know they’re on probation, but that just screws up this example) @ Texas Bowl

10 Ohio State vs 23 Mississippi State @ Eagle Bank Bowl

11 Oklahoma vs 22 Miami @ Music City Bowl

12 LSU vs 21 Virginia Tech @ Independence Bowl

13 Stanford vs 20 Oklahoma State @ Pointsettia Bowl

14 Nebraska vs 19 Arkasas @ Humanitarian Bowl

15 Arizona vs 18 Iowa @ Holiday Bowl

16 Florida State vs 17 South Carolina @ Pinstripe Bowl

Are you getting interested yet?

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