College football and playoffs

An ongoing debate among college football analysts, coaches, fans, players and administrators – should Division 1 FBS have a playoff or not? Players seem to think so. I have heard many fans asking for it – analysts seem to be split – and the administrators are a toss-up. But wouldn’t a playoff system allow the continuous debate of who is number 1 to be put aside? Wouldn’t it be nice to finally see Boise State get a chance to square off against Iowa or Florida? And then if they win, do it again a week later?

I think that the NCAA has watered down its football post season by allowing teams to have 12 regular season games (sometimes 13), a conference championship and then a bowl in a city, that more likely than not if you aren’t in the top 10, will only fill up 60 percent of the stadium and be in a less than desirable location. Hey, I had the opportunity to go to Detroit two years ago – in December and even Birmingham last January – those are two places I want to be in the dead of winter…  Now what if a system was in place that would make these games really meaningful? And what if instead of more than half of the lot making a post-season bid (where most actually LOSE money) that schools are in competition for the top 25 percent of all teams? That’s right – what if instead of 68 teams playing in a bowl, only 32 did?

We’ll continue this discussion over the next week but I want to set the stage. Right now there are 34 Bowls in place. Out of that, I have removed 3 of the bowls (Birmingham, Hawaii and the Dallas Classic.) Birmingham gets the boot because of facilities and location. Hawaii simply on location and the new Dallas Classic because they already have the Cotton Bowl down there. Now we’re left with 31 sites/bowls in tact and each of them can serve as a host for a game in our newly proposed FBS playoff system. Stay tuned for more later on.

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